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I am Álvaro Morales.
I translate. I write.
I manage projects.
I find solutions.

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Today leading a small yet attentive LSP team perfectly sized to cater your demands with a detailed attention, I am a full time freelance translator from [English, Italian, and Portuguese] into [Spanish for Spain, Mexican Spanish, US Spanish, and Latin American Spanish], transcreator, Spanish copywriter, project manager, Spanish SEO expert and consultant (for every language!) with almost 20 years of professional experience in diverse language and translation fields.


Having worked always as a full-time professional, I am nearly obsessed with fluency, style and conformity in Spanish, provide high quality services and never miss a deadline. I am real partner for my clients. Your continued success is my success. And I mean it.

I currently work or have worked for companies like Bang & Olufsen, BoConcept, LEGO, Grundfos, EPOS Audio or Weber, either directly or via a third party, to name a few, always with great and rewarding results for every stakeholder. But let's get to the point: what I would like now is to work with you and your company.


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2001 >> present


An art I was born for

To translate is not to transpose word after word into a different language: it is to convey a message with the same purpose as that of the source. It is to make the reader of the translated text feel what the reader of the source text feels. It is an art for which I was born and to which I have devoted almost 20 years of my professional career.

2001 >> present


Need a second pair of eyes?

If you want to make sure that a translation has been done properly or you have a text you would like to have revised to ensure the best style and maximum appeal, usability or any other aspect, I can help.

2003 >> present


Convey your message

You did it: you have a text that really conveys what you want to communicate to your customers, but it's in your native language. You want to make sure that your target market gets the message just as naturally as if it had been written locally. I know what you mean and I have the tools you need.

2011 >> present

Copywriting [es-ES]

White on black

Ideas roam around your head, but you don't know where to start. You can't find the words, or you just don't have the time to sit down and write. You need a clean, well-written text that expresses naturally what your company can do best. Go ahead, contact me.

Note: This service is only available for Spanish (es-ES) copywriting.

2018 >> present

SEO expert [es-ES]

Get them your way

Let a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist analyze, review and implement the changes your website needs so it is optimized for search engines. This will maximize the traffic to your site by improving page rank within search engines. Contact me and let's study your case.

Come meet me

See me, see how I work

Hiring a remote professional can be a mysterious experience if you don't have the opportunity to physically meet him or her. Ideally, we would hold a phone call, meet via skype or, if geographically close, in person. Feel free to contact me and let me show you around.

Education and certifications

Microsoft Certified Professional

The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP Program is the certification program from Microsoft that enables IT Professionals and Developers to validate their technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams.

Universidad de Málaga
Universidad de Málaga Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering - Degree in Sound and Image Engineering

Degree in Sound and Image Engineering aims to provide technological training and preparation for professional practice in the development and applications of Information Technologies (IT).

ATA Certified translator

ATA certification is one of the industry's most respected and recognized credentials. The ATA Certification Program's goals are to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize translators who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality translation.

SDL TRADOS/Studio Certified Translator [Advanced Level]

The SDL Certification Program is the industry's premier technology-based certification which provides a recognized standard of excellence in SDL software knowledge. It's a comprehensive professional education program designed to develop and validate expertise in the use of SDL translation productivity tools.

Memsource Certified Trainer

Contacting a Memsource Certified Trainer will help you achieve higher consistency and efficiency with your translations, ultimately saving you time and money. They will provide you with excellent online or on-site service and ensure you have the knowledge to translate with ease for all your business needs.

Million words translated

Projects completed

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Say hello.

Tell me about anything. Send me a short text or a long message. Attach a file or tell me about that idea that is going through your head and how you want to convey it. I can help you find the way, no matter the language.


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(+34) 666 89 81 02




Pasillo Santa Isabel, 4 – 7
29005 – Málaga (SPAIN)